Keke Palmer Booking signing in Atlanta

We are pleased to announce that 565 Nation will be performing at Keke Palmer’s book signing at Barack H. Obama Elementary school in Atlanta, GA on Feb 8th, 2017.

Keke Palmer’s new book titled “ I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice
Is a sometimes serious, often hilarious, and always inspiring guide that encourages young women to live a life full of ownership, confidence, and freedom from singer and popular Scream Queens and Grease Live! actress Keke Palmer, delightfully illustrated in four color with Keke’s favorite inspirational quotes, journal entries, and memes

Palmer was the first African American actress to play Cinderella on Broadway which inspired the organization Saving our Daughters to launch an amazing program! They happily named it the Cinderella’s Program! This multi-cultural program reaches out to young teens in an effort to encourage them to pursue their dreams. Following in Keke Palmer’s footsteps, other Hollywood actors/actresses are giving their time and insight to the girls in the areas of: performing arts, dealing with bullying, even becoming mentors for the Saving Our Daughters Cinderella’s program.

To kick off the 2017 new year, and to support the organization’s mission to have girls discuss key issues surrounding bullying and self esteem. Saving Our Daughters will be sponsoring Keke’s new book, I Don’t Belong To You: Quiet The Noise and Find Your Voice.

565 is really excited to be able to work with Keke Palmer and Saving our Daughters to help make this book signing a successful event.

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