August 23, 2016

About 565

565 Nation Girls Consist of:

Asia  Walton– “Mz. Diva” ~ 11 years old
Déja Little – “D-Starr” ~ 11 years old
Destiny  Cox– “Princess D”~ 10 years old

From the young age of 5 and 6, these girls have Been impacting young children all over. With their bold colors and energetic performances, they measure up to many adult artist!!

Performing at the world famous Apollo, Americas got talent and even dancing with Chuck E Cheese in the national commercials these girls are definitely going to catch your attention. Which is also how they caught the attention of the Grammy nominee and music phenomenon Angie Stone!

Formerly known as Dsquared Live, please welcomes 565!



Asia  Walton– “Mz. Diva” ~ 10 years old

The “YASSSS” factor!
That is none other than Asia Walton! Emerging at the tender age of 2 years old from within a “multi-talented family”, Asia, as a Model, began to “Rip the Runway”! Exhibiting an uncanny ability for giving the audience “Life”, her Mom knew she would be the powerhouse that we’ve grown to love.

She’s “walked” with Cynthia Bailey, Tyson Beckford, and Tacara Jones. “MZ DIVA”, as she’s known to her many pint size fans, has gone on to become a dynamo working in various forms of the industry. Commercial spots for Home Depot, Target, and Chuck E. Cheese.

Appearances on Ricky Smiley For Real, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Tyler Perry’s Have and Have Nots, Dumb and Dumber 2, Disney’s “Odd Life of Timothy Green, and Middle School Worst Years, are just samples of her foray into Films and Television!

Along with listening to her favorite Group “One Direction” and her favorite song “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, her hobbies include acting and baking, and favorite subject: Math.

Déja Little – “D-Starr” ~ 9 years old

From the age of 2yrs old, it was evident that a star was born! As most children find comfort in lullaby’s and cartoon characters, D.Starr’s was only content while watching “Beyonce Experience”.  Singing every word to every song and mimicking every dance move, it was obvious she was going to be a star.  By the time D. Starr was 4 yrs old, she was freestyling while her brother and father made beats on the tables.

D.Starr’s musical talents has evolved and continues to progress. At age 11 she is showing the world her vocal talents by singing songs from oldies to new school! She has been called an “old soul”. Her powerhouse voice has shocked so many, because she is still just a little girl. D.Starr still loves the challenge of a freestyle, however if you look in her “music book” or Iphone you will find numerous songs that she has written and created her own track for as well.

When D.Starr is not busy with school work, you can find her in her room playing her guitar, which she has taught herself to play! D. Starr is the epitome of a Music Mogul determined to do it all!

Outside of music, D. Starr is also a talented actress. She has starred and played in numerous independent films. She has been seen in major motion films such as “Parental guidance” and more.  She has been featured and appeared in several music videos as well. Stay tune as the group 565 Nation takes over your city, D.Starr will definitely bring you talent that is out of this world.

Destiny  Cox– “Princess D”~ 8 years old

It’s a fierce world out there and unless your Princess D aka Destiny Cox you might get swept up before ever getting your feet on the ground. Even though she is the baby of the group born August 16, 2006 she is living proof that raw talent, ambition, dedication, creativity  and determination can still prevail in the music/entertainment industry.

With her contagious smile and remarkable dance skills, it is hard to believe she is only 10. Princess D has made her mark in the entertainment industry by acting, rapping, dancing and modeling.  You have seen her on numerous music videos with artist such as T.I., BOB, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz, just to name a few, her TV appearances include Joyful Noise, Vampire Diaries, Bubble Guppies, and plays a role in the movie Hidden Figures coming in 2017.

Princess D. has appeared on Nickelodeon and the Disney Jr. channel numerous times. As she embarks her middle school education she has been one of the very few chosen for the Ron Clark Academy! With music being her passion and Meghan Tranior being her favorite artist you can expect to see and hear more from the little Ms. Princess D- 1/3 of 565!